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14562 Athens, Greece
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6 Ribnička Str. 11 010 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 63 77 27 304
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The actual quality of a constructed object is proved and articulated after the completion of the works in the early stage of operation where most problems normally appear.

Following the completion of the construction works by the Contractor, the Project Manager will provide the following services:

  • Taking over & commissioning procedures including necessary tests of equipment according to contractual obligations and local legislations
  • Support to obtain use permit/ negotiations with local authorities
  • Support to obtain all necessary permits from local authorities
  • Introduction of all vendors, suppliers, personnel related to the operation of the building ensuring that they receive sufficient training from the contractor’s personnel
  • Technical support and claims arbitration during Defects Liability Period (normally 2 years after completion) in order to ensure the proper operation of the facilities and the fair allocation of liability between parties in case of failures